Bespoke oak frame garages with first floors

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More people are working from home thanks to advances in technology and require a warm, dry space in which to conduct their business. Whether that's a standalone building or a combined space of garage with a first floor, Monarch Oak has the ideal living solution.

All designs are beautifully hand-crafted from green oak using traditional carpentry methods. Each building features curved bracing and pegged joints made from oak - and our roof tiles are individually sourced to suit the project and in keeping with your existing home.

Clients looking for office space will be pleased to learn that our first floor garage designs can be insulated with the highest level of materials, making it warm in winter and cool in the summer.

If you fancy looking out on to your environment we can easily install velux windows to make the finish even more special.

Or maybe you're looking for a building which can offer you a combination of uses such as housing, garaging, stabling, workshops and storage, Monarch Oak have a range of beautiful and versatile designs. You can have any combination you like to meet your individual needs, our project manager will assist you with the design so you can maximise the space.